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The Rocky Mountains are a sight unlike many. Learn more about a Rocky Mountain RV Rental vacation here!

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Favourite Spots in the Canadian Rockies

The Rocky Mountains are a sight unlike many. From the towering mountains themselves to the trees, wildlife and quickly changing weather there’s so much to explore. Rocky Mountain tourism has become very popular. Once you get into your RV and start driving you will be in awe. A few favourite spots in the Rockies that bring an immense sense of joy to those who choose to take the journey include:

Moraine Lake

Exploring the national parks are an adventure of their own, but Moraine Lake has a special quality. The water is incredibly blue and the Rockies that surround are towering. Be sure not to be fooled by the locals’ stories about draining the lake and painting the bottom, it may seem like the lake is impossibly blue but paint isn’t involved.

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Icefields Parkway

The drive is one of the most scenic drives that there is. Be sure to enjoy the Athabasca Glacier in the Columbia Icefields on the way. There aren’t many experiences like the ice fields out there.

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Canmore Cave Tours

For the more adventurous, head into Canmore and go on a cave tour. The caves are in their natural state, so there are no walkways, handrails or built-in lighting, making the experience wild and unaltered.

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