Self Isolate and Social Distance In an RV

Everything you need to know about how and why to self isolate or practice social distancing in an RV:

  • Contact-Free Booking and Pick-up
  • Cleaned and sanitized rental pick up locations
  • The Perks of Renting an RV
  • Self Contained RV Models (Adventure Touring RV Rentals Page)
  • RV Camping in Canada
  • Road trip Destinations
  • Safe Travel
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Photo Credit: Andre Furtado, Pexels
Explore Canada. Self Isolation in nature
Photo Credit: Andre Furtado, Pexels

Social Distance in an RV and get nature keen during quarantine! Think outside the box and avoid the confines of 4 walls!

Canada is a country that tops many bucket lists. Now is the perfect opportunity to plan and to explore the great Canadian wilderness. Find the hidden gems of your own province and enjoy the peace and quiet of isolating yourself in nature. Escape the TVs and screens and embrace the idea of disconnecting and getting outside. Leave the city behind and use this time as an opportunity to roam with the freedom and flexibility to go where you want in an RV rental. 


As we adapt to the current situation, we have introduced contact-free RV rental collection and drop off. Providing the best customer service is still our top priority. Just a phone call away, we are still offering 24-hour assistance, including our on-road support. Additionally, we will minimize the time you are at our rental depot. 

Cancellation policies have been updated since the COVID 19 outbreak and are in effect to ensure your peace of mind when booking with Adventure Touring.

RV Road Trip. Self Isolation in RV Rental
Photo Credit: Johannes Plenio, Pexel

Clean and Sanitised 

We guarantee to provide you only the cleanest RV rentals and best maintained RVs. This has always been our standard, but during this time every surface is wiped and sanitized before and after every rental. As well, all RV rental locations are cleaned and sanitized. Get a list of all rental locations here.

Perks of an RV rental

Renting a self-contained RV or motorhome is a great option to a self-isolate, staycation, or enjoy a safe holiday close to home. Here are the perks:


An RV comes with all the comforts of home! Conveniently stocked with all necessary kitchen utensils, lots of storage space, comfortable seating, beds, and heat. Just book online, pick up your rental and you have everything you need for your own private vacation home on wheels. With a washroom, hot shower, and kitchen you can go anywhere and easily keep your distance from others.

Explore Morraine Lake Alberta. Self isolation and social distance in nature.
Photo Credit: Jaime Reimer, Pexels

Escape the Boredom

An RV rental allows you to self isolate and social distance without being stuck “inside” and going stir crazy. Enjoy the local scenery, explore some new roads and find your new favourite camp spot all from the comfort of an RV. Escape the boredom and get into nature. 

Travel Freedom

Enjoy complete freedom. When it is time to travel again there is nothing like the freedom of the open road. Drive when you want, stop when you desire and go anywhere in an RV rental. Find your remote piece of Canadian paradise and go for a hike, relax by a lake and get the binoculars to take a closer look at the birds and wildlife. Take the canoe out for a paddle and cast your line to catch some dinner! The options are endless while still maintaining self-isolation and a safe social distance.

Portable Guest Room

If exploring the open road isn’t what you are looking for, an RV rental is the perfect additional guest room. Park the RV in your driveway and immediately have fully self-sustained guest accommodation. An RV rental is an excellent option to fully self isolate at home. Keep your family safe and stay comfortably and conveniently in the driveway. In Medicine Hat, the local government is recommending people with large families use RVs to self-isolate.

Self Contained RVs Rental Models

During this time of self-isolation and social distancing, we offer a variety of self-contained RV models to meet your needs and budget.

Our Class C RV is a great option for maximum space and luxurious comfort. Fill your water tank, stock your fridge, pack the adventure gear and you can be self-sufficient for days.

Rent the 10’ Truck Camper and have the freedom to go anywhere! The camper has less space and luxury inside, but you are still fully self-contained and can comfortably sleep 3. Travel the gravel roads with ease and confidence to get to your adventure destination.

For all our self contained RV rental options check out our Rentals page. 

self isolate in nature
Photo Credit: Daniel Joseph Petty, Pexels

Explore Canada

Canada is filled with spectacular hidden gems, just waiting to be discovered. With less tourism now than ever before find your perfect private nature paradise. 

Get a map and start planning. Take in the sights of your backyard. Pack the camera, binoculars, outdoor gear and hit the open road. Plan hikes, find a new fishing spot, read a book by a secluded lake, or just a scenic drive. Enjoy the fresh air and nature far from other people. The options are endless. 

Looking for inspiration to get off the beaten track check out: 

Backcountry Road Maps

Canadian Road Trip Inspiration

Lonely Planet Canada 

Even if national and provincial campgrounds aren’t open yet there is a whole world of different camping options. From spectacular free campgrounds beside the lake, finding a little paradise up a gravel road or good old fashion boondocking as you go. 

This Free Campsites App is great to find free campsites! Useful, both for planning your road trip or for when you need to stop last minute and just park for the night. Just remember with free campsites there will often be no amenities, but just a nice spot to park and enjoy nature.

Travel British Columbia
Photo Credit: Vishal Amin from Pexels

Check out this article for extra inspiration for why you should go RVing in 2020.

Road Trip Inspiration

Now is a great time to get out and explore your backyard. Here are some road trip ideas in your province:

British Columbia

Northern British Columbia Circle TourThis spectacular drive takes you right into the untamed wilderness with forests, canyons, and stunning mountain ranges. Plan for 8-14 days as you take this remote drive through Northern BC, through 1800km of mountain scenery, heritage sites, historic towns, and dramatic landscapes.

For More inspiration to travel in British Columbia this year: Vancouver to Texada Island Road Trip

Road trip on Ice Fields Parkway
Photo Credit: Simon Migaj, Pexels


Icefields Parkway: Self-isolate while enjoying one of the most scenic drives in the world! The Icefields Parkway offers breathtaking scenery of ancient glaciers, ice-covered lakes, snow-peaked mountains, and wildlife on this 230km drive between Jasper and Lake Louise. Pullover and park anywhere for the night in your fully contained RV. Stock up on groceries and take your time hiking, explore, and taking postcard-worthy photos. Enjoy the fresh mountain air and peace and quiet of your natural self-isolation destination. 

Travel the Canadian Praries
Photo Credit: Laura Penwell, Pexels

Check out this article for other great self-isolation destinations: Road trip: Calgary to Edmonton.


Saskatoon to Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan. This route will take you on a winding adventure past rivers, lakes and backroads. Pass historic sites, charming villages, spectacular beaches and world-class fishing. 

For more Prairie RV adventures: Canadian Prairie’s National Parks 

Explore Saskatchewan
Photo Credit: Pixabay


Yellowhead Highway to Minnedosa Valley: Drive through stunning prairie landscapes, vibrant yellow tall grasses, an abundance of wildlife, rolling hills, quaint towns, open valleys, wooded area and maybe the northern lights. 

Looking for a longer adventure? Check out this article: One Way Road Trip: Toronto to Calgary 


Take a scenic tour through Algonquin Park. Larger than Prince Edward Island this park is a nature enthusiast dream. Take Highway 60 and discover hikes, canoeing, camping, a plethora of lakes and lookouts galore in this massive isolated park.

RV parks in Ontario
Photo Credit: Vishal Amin, Pexel

A little inspiration for when it is time to explore again: Ontario National Parks


Kings Road: When non-essential travel is allowed, enjoy the spectacular views of the majestic St. Lawrence River. Open to traffic in 1737 it was one of North America’s first roads. Take in the picturesque villages, historic homes and breathtaking panoramic viewpoints on this 230km road trip.

Looking for more off the beaten track destinations check out this article: Quebec by RV 

Maritimes RV Road Trip
Photo Credit: James Wheeler, Pexels


Expedition 51°: This 628km road trip is a great way to take in the scenery, whales, seabirds, history, lighthouses and sandy beaches of Labrador. With plenty of camping, this remote drive is sure to please any sightseer.

For more great RV destinations check out: The Maritimes in an RV: A Dream Road Trip 


The Northern lights are visible in the territories for 240 nights a year. See the skies come alive and dance with vibrant reds, blues, and greens. With such a low population, grab a map and start driving and you are sure to find an isolated piece of nature for yourself. 

Find top destinations to take in the natural beauty of the territories: What to do in Whitehorse.

Travel PEI Canada
Photo Credit: Bekir Dönmez, Pexels

Travel Safely

Protect yourself, whether in self-isolation of social distancing in the safety of an RV.

Shopping for Groceries

Make a list of all your favourite camp foods, don’t forget the smores, and pack the RV with all your supplies. With a roomy RV kitchen, you can easily prepare with over a week’s worth of groceries. When the time comes to restock, if you are self-isolating or just prefer to avoid the crowds, many stores are offering a delivery service. Most grocery stores are still open, so just be careful and follow the social distancing restrictions while restocking your supplies. 

Purchasing Gas

Self-Isolate Naturally
Photo Credit: LifeofPix

Most gas stations are open and are self-service. Use the pay at the pump option to refill your tank and keep your social distance. 

A bonus is how cheap gas is right now! 

If you are traveling to more remote communities make sure you are maintaining your social distancing guidelines to ensure the safety of all Canadians.

Escape the crowds, or feeling confined and stir crazy in your private natural paradise. Practice social distancing in the comfort and convenience of an RV Rental. Explore your backyard, and boost your local economy. Forget hotels and self contain in an RV to embrace nature and the freedom of the open road. Whether you are looking for peace and quiet, or heart-racing adventure, reconnect with nature and the ones you love. Start planning now and make some great memories in 2020.

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