Top 5 Canada East Coast Beaches

To round out celebrating our summer beaches in Canada, here are our top five Central and East Coast favourites.

Maggie Spizzirri
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Looking back at this article Canada east coast beaches was probably not the right name for it. A better name for it probably would be central Canada to east coast beaches. None the less these beaches are all great places to park an RV and spend some time.

Manitou beach, Little Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan

Photo credit: @__b3ths/Instagram.

Why we love it: Have you ever wanted to visit the Dead Sea? This is the prairies’ answer. Absorb the therapeutic minerals in this shallow saltwater lake.

Not to miss: With five times as much salt as there is in the ocean, give swimming a try but you’ll have better luck floating away.

For more info: Manitou Beach

Wasaga Beach, Wasaga Beach Provincial Park, Ontario

Photo credit: @ca_rn67/Instagram.

Why we love it: Georgian Bay hosts eight beaches, each with their own unique offering. Wasaga has great sand, sun, water and possibly the most fun part – the people watching.

Not to miss: Try to miss the longest freshwater beach in the world at 14 km long.

Parlee Beach, Parlee Beach Provincial Park, Pointe-du-Chêne, New Brunswick

Photo, @kdorrian/Instagram.

Why we love it: The beach is known for having the warmest saltwater north of Virginia, reaching 23-25 degrees Celsius.

Not to miss statue: The world’s largest lobster is in Rotary Park weighing in at 90 tonnes

For more info: Tourism New Brunswick

Singing Sands Beach, Basin Head Provincial Park, Souris, Prince Edward Island

Singing Sands, PEI
Photo credit: @nomadandanova/Instagram.

Why we love it: PEI has more than 800 km of beach but there’s just something about the Singing Sands. It’s warm, the smooth sand stretches out and the solitude is serene.

Not to miss: Can you hear the perfectly shaped sands sing?

For more info: Tourism P.E.I.

Lawrencetown Beach, Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park, Nova Scotia

Photo credit: @rob_canning/Instagram.

Why we love it: Although this beach is tiny at only 1.5 km, it also offers world-renowned surfing breaks that are spectacular to see for surfers and non-surfers alike.

Not to miss: Four-metre waves.

For more info: Lawrencetown Beach

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