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Travel local and explore Canada’s spectacular camping destinations. As time goes on some provinces are still under strict travel restrictions and renting an RV this summer is the safest, affordable way to have a holiday escape and bring some adventure into your life.

travel local explore canada  to find the gems in your backyard
Windy mountain roads make a fun RV adventure

Perks to RV Travel:

RV travel makes camping more comfortable and convenient but still allows you to escape into nature. Breathe in the fresh air, enjoy spectacular sceneries, spend quality time with friends and family, and relax by the campfire.  

Explore Canada Safely

The experts agree that camping is the safest way to travel this year. Travelling in a self-contained RV is a low-risk activity. An RV allows you to keep your distance, avoid shared facilities, and poorly ventilated restrooms. Renting a self-contained RV allows you the freedom to travel, escape the city, and do so in a fashion that adheres to the social distancing guidelines.

For more inspiration to rent an RV this summer check out: Self Isolate and Social Distance in an RV

Relax by the fine on your RV adventure

Travel in Comfort

Travel safely but travel in comfort. With a bed, kitchen, air conditioner, and washroom you have everything you need for ultimate convenience while you travel. If you get tired on the road, pull over at any truck stop, and take a nap. Stretch your legs in the RV while it rains and make a snack in your kitchen on wheels. Enjoy extra creature comforts with reading lights, an audio system, somewhere to charge your phone! Exploring Canada in an RV offers is next-level comfort.

explore local in convenience of RV

Pack Everything 

One of the best things about travelling with an RV is that you can bring everything. There is no 50 pound limit with high fees if you want to bring an extra suitcase. So, pack up the hammock, your favourite pillows and blankets, cast-iron skillet, your coffee grinder, all the sunscreen, and skincare products, and lots of towels, you get what I am saying. Pack an entire wardrobe and bring all the creature comforts you desire.

Don’t forget all the outdoor adventure gear. And, while you are at it throw the canoe and kayaks on the top and bikes on the back. Now you are set to travel local and explore Canada and your Province.  

Pack everything on your RV adventure
Strap the bikes on the back of the RV!

No Hotels

One of the greatest convenience factors of an RV rental is you are essentially renting a hotel on wheels. This means no stress trying to find a hotel, get to a specific destination, or follow an itinerary. Don’t worry about lugging your suitcases upstairs into your hotel room, or constantly unpacking and repacking. There is no concern about keeping your distance or worrying about the cleanliness of a rented room. Just load all your items into the RV and get comfy in your epic vacation home on wheels.  

Your vacation home on wheels goes where you go. When you get too hot in the mid-day sun take a nap right at your destination and get back to the adventure as soon as you’re done. Napping is part of a vacation! A mobile home base means you can have a bbq lunch wherever you’re parked. At the end of a big day, lounge with friends and family where you are, cook dinner in nature and don’t worry about hitting the highway to your overnight destination.

Cooking outside tastes better!


Once the RV is rented you can make your vacation as affordable as you desire. Park for free beside your new favourite lake or rent a site in a campground.

Having a kitchen with all the accessories can save a lot of money when you make your own meals. Load up on your favourite camp food and treats! We all know food tastes better outdoors.

Different RV models to Travel Local and Explore Canada

With a variety of models available for rent, we guarantee to have an RV to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for an RV with lots of space for the whole family, easy drivability, or off-road adventures, we have an RV to meet your needs. Check out all the options here.

Park your RV beside your new favourite lake
Park beside your new favourite lake

Tips and Trips for RV travel 

  • Load up with water to be self-contained. Many of our RV water tanks would last for days while you set up in your new favourite local campsite.
  • Pack more food than you think you need, so when you find a destination that steals your heart you can stay as long as you like

Travel Local 

We have a variety of RVs to meet your needs
We offer a variety of RV models to meet your needs!

Staycations are a growing trend. You don’t have to go far to have a stellar vacation. Many provinces are still under some level of travel restrictions, but even before the pandemic campers were sticking closer to home. KOA studies show 54 percent of campers were traveling less than 150km to camp. You don’t need to live near the mountains to find gorgeous camping locations near you. Bonus, less time traveling means more time relaxing or adventuring in nature.

Take the Road less Travelled

Explore that gravel road you have always wondered about. There is a special sense of excitement as you turn down a road you have never explored and wonder what hidden gems are waiting for you. Find your secret paradise! A campers dream with gorgeous views, no other campers cramping your serene nature setting, and no one charging you a nightly fee to sleep in nature. Camping on crown land you can find the best spots for peace and quiet. 

Park anywhere in your RV rental
Find the hidden gems in your Province!

Not sure you just want to start roaming down gravel roads? Spend some time on Google Earth and scope out your dream location before you start driving. But as you settle into a quiet night under the stars, beside a crackling fire, you will be glad you decided to travel local and explore your backyard. 

Provincial, National and Private Campgrounds 

If setting out into the wilderness in hopes of finding your dream campsite isn’t your thing there is a wide variety of other camping options. With Provincial and National campgrounds reopening to campers nationwide an RV is an excellent option to safely camp. Check out National Parks in each Province below.


explore alberta

Explore the rugged Rocky Mountains and the spectacular natural beauty of Alberta. Alberta is the only place in North America where the Boreal Forest, prairies, and mountains all meet. Annually attracting visitors from around the world now is the time, travel local and explore your stunning province. With more sunny days than any other province, you don’t need to go far to find an ideal camping destination. Head out of the cities in any direction and find yourself in the rugged natural beauty of Alberta.

For all 5 National Parks get all the details here.

For information on Provincial Parks call 1-866-427-3582.

British Columbia

beautiful Britsh Columbia, explore local travel canada to find your favourite lake

British Columbia is known for its pristine wilderness. With many different climates within one province explore a variety of mountain ranges, desert landscapes, stunning lakes both glacier-fed and the warm water of the Okanagan. Reach the Pacific Ocean and find a whole new world on Vancouver Island. Explore the untamed wilderness with an abundance of wildlife, hidden hot springs, and world-class wineries. Whatever you are looking for, explore local, and find it in your province.

With 7 National Parks across British Columbia, get a list of all campgrounds here.

Click here for a list of British Columbia’s Provincial Parks. 

For more info on the National Parks in BC and Alberta .


Extending nearly 2000 km Québec is home to an incredible variety of landscapes: with plains between the Canadian Shield and the Appalachian Mountains, thick forests, taiga, tundra, and over a million lakes and thousands of rivers. 

Camping in Quebec is the most extensive in Canada with over 560 campgrounds. Check out their Camping in Quebec website to review all the options.

Check out this article for the Top 10 Must See Places in Quebec

Rugged coast pf Newfoundland

New Brunswick 

New Brunswick is famous for the world’s highest tides that rise and fall the height of a four-story building. Discover the spectacular scenery of New Brunswick for yourself as you explore the province in your RV.

New Brunswick has 2 National Parks. Make online reservations here.


Rent an RV and explore your local land in stunning Newfoundland. Camp next to the ocean or venture to remote wilderness areas, expect to see plenty of wildlife and breathtaking natural wonders. Hike the East Coast Trail or take a morning stroll along a 10-kilometre sandy beach. You don’t have to travel far in an RV to reach a breathtaking dream world of icebergs, whales, quiet coastal villages, and wilderness. 

With over 90 campgrounds get all the details on National, Provincial and Private Parks here.

Exploring the Maritimes is a Dream RV Roadtrip

North West Territories 

The Northwest Territories are known for having endless sky where the northern lights dance and the midnight sun shines. Bring your camera to photograph wildlife, rivers, and pristine lakes as you explore 1.4 million square kilometres of spectacular landscape in your RV. 

The NWT has 34 parks and can be booked online, at

Nova Scotia 

Travel Canada
Photo Credit: Bekir Dönmez, Pexels

 With over 100 beaches, a picturesque lighthouse, an endless rugged coastline there is so much to do as you travel locally and explore your province. From jaw-dropping high tides, heart-pumping tidal bore rafting, watching majestic whales, visiting the breathtaking Cabot Trail, and tasting delicious local fare you can go wrong with an RV road trip in Nova Scotia.

For a list of Provincial Parks and availability click here


Discover Manitoba’s wildlife, rivers, Arctic coastline, lakes, and forests as you explore in an RV. Home to an abundance of wildlife spot moose, elk, and black bear. Have a specular birding holiday with Two-thirds of Canada’s 500-plus species of birds coming for the more than 100,000 lakes and countless rivers and marshes. 

Check out the online travel planner for Manitoba National Parks and Historic Sites 


RV Camping at Night. Small Camper Van

The name Ontario is from an Iroquoian word meaning ‘beautiful lake’, since lakes and rivers occupy one-sixth of the province’s total area. Two-thirds of the province lies under the Canadian Shield, which covers most of the north. To the south of the Shield lies southern Ontario, where agriculture and 90% of the population are concentrated. Where better to take your kayak, canoe or fishing boat?

Camping In Ontario represents over 450 independently owned and operated campgrounds and RV parks in Ontario. To find your perfect campsite, whether for a short stay or the season, visit


National parks


Saskatchewan is known for its brilliant sunsets, flowing rivers, and huge skies. Know for its badlands, thick forests and wildlife, there is lots to explore. 

Travel local explore canada and find this beauty

With hundreds of campgrounds get all the details here


Discover jaw-dropping mountain vistas, wild rivers, and crystal clear lakes. Home to Canada’s highest peak, the world’s largest non-polar ice fields, several Canadian Heritage Rivers, and an abundance of wildlife. The small population gives you lots of space to explore the local iconic scenery in space with 80% of the land unpopulated, pristine wilderness.

National Parks & Campgrounds in Yukon.

Important Note: At this time camping in most National Parks requires a reservation!

Campgrounds Camping Canada (CCC) has links to search for campsites and RV parks anywhere in Canada.

Be a tourist in your own country. Get outside in nature and take in the spectacular wonders of this great nation. Support the Canadian economy. Travel locally explore Canada and have a vacation of a lifetime. How about exploring Prince Edward Island National Park.

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