RV Rentals by Owner

Most of us dream of hitting the open road, travelling to new places and seeing new things. A new adventure around every corner. The question is how do we accomplish this? Well, the answer is simple, there are many ways to get to where you want to be. Let’s look and see if an RV rental by owner is right for you.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

What are the advantages of owning over renting an RV?

Owning your own RV is a big expense. So what are the advantages of owning over renting? The first advantage is that once it is paid off it is yours. Just think of the day when you have no more RV payment, all the money it will free up. Making an RV payment every month is can be hard on the pocketbook, but at the end of it, you own your very own RV.

The second advantage is that it is available whenever you want it. Think, a spontaneous weekend trip to Waterton Lakes National Park or Kekuli Provincial Park in BC.

The third and most fun advantage of owning your own RV is that you get to customize it just the way you would like it. Think double shower heads in the bathroom, or wild wallpaper in the kitchen. Maybe you want to paint the motorhome like the Scooby Mobile (it’s been done, I’ve seen it). The point is you can customize an RV you own any way you would like.

What are the advantages of renting over owning an RV?

While lots of us would like to own our own RV there are lots of advantages of renting an RV. Firstly, if you are only using the RV for a week or two a year why not let someone else have the hassle of maintaining and storing the RV. Owning an RV is expensive once you factor in an RV payment, maintenance, insurance and storage the monthly cost can quickly add up. Renting an RV lets you pass that worry onto the owner of the RV.

Secondly, if you rent a motorhome you can rent a different one every time. If one trip you are taking the whole family you can rent a big class C motorhome with bunk beds for the kids and a room in the back for you. If it’s just you and your sweetheart, maybe a small campervan with a bed in the back that you can park on the beach somewhere secluded.

And thirdly, when you are renting an RV you are not limited to places that you can drive your RV to. Trips close to home are always great, just back up the RV for the weekend and you are off. But what about trips to other places? Do you really want to pack up the motorhome and drive 20 hours to start your holiday? When you rent an RV the sky is the limit when it comes to camping destinations. Vancouver’s Sunshine Coast this year, Nova Scotia next year. The options are not even limited to Canada when you are renting an RV. Why not head south and try some Warm Weather Camping in the southern US, or travel the Great Ocean Road in Australia. When you are renting an RV you can rent what you want, when and where you want it. Sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it?

Is there an advantage to renting an RV from an owner as opposed to a big company?

I believe that there are advantages to both renting an RV from an owner and from a big company. I love that with an RV rental by owner your trip is very customizable. You are much more likely to find an RV rental by owner close to where you live than you are a big RV rental company. RV rental companies tend to have locations only in the major cities. In contrast to this an RV rental by owner could be as close as right next door.

With an RV rental by owner, the choices of RVs or campervans are so much larger. Large rental companies choose four or five different units and only carry this small selection of sizes.

Large RV rental companies also have a large set of rules that they must follow. Pick-up and drop-off times and locations are set in stone. When you deal directly with the owner of a single RV you can make arrangements together. An owner can meet you at 6 am to arrange an RV drop-off so that you can get to the airport to make your flight, while a big RV rental company is going to require drop-off to be during open hours. You can even make arrangements to have the RV delivered to your campsite (for an extra fee). The point is when an owner is dealing with only one RV they can be more accommodating to your needs.

There are definitely advantages to renting from large RV rental companies too. One advantage to renting with a large RV rental company is that they have hundreds of units, if an RV breaks down or is in an accident they are more likely to have an RV you could use instead. Another advantage is with thousands of reviews of large RV rental companies you know who you are dealing with and what to expect.

Do you own your own RV and just need a little help making the payments?

If you are like most RV owners your RV sits around most of the year. Signing your RV up to an RV for Rent by Owner site allows you to make a little or a lot of income from your RV. If you use your RV all summer long you can block those months off on the calendar. If there is a big event in your area, think of music festivals, Coachella, Shambhala, Burning Man, or football games, you could potentially rent your RV out for only one event. I have seen motorhomes go for $700 or more a night with a seven-night minimum for these events. Just think about RV rental by owner one week once a year, how many motorhome payments is that?

What kind of RV’s are available for rent?

Searching through the Outdoorsy website was so much fun, there are so many different types of RVs, camper vans and trailers to choose from. There is really any kind of camping unit that you can imagine available. The units are broken down into four categories, campervan, trailers, Class C and Class A motorhomes. Of course, if I was going to book a travel vacation I would narrow it down by location first, but since I had time I just scrolled through the pages. There are Jeeps with tents on top, 40′ Deisel Pushers and everything in between. Some of my favourites were the 1945 custom teardrop trailer and the More Cow “Belle”.

Whether you own your RV or are looking to rent an RV for your annual family vacation, an RV rental by owner may be right for you.