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Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin park is a must-see nature experience in southeastern Ontario. Home to forests, rivers, and numerous lakes, it’s perfect for a go-at-your-own-pace RV adventure.

Maggie Spizzirri
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Algonquin in the Fall Season

The Algonquin Fall Season always reminds me of leaves changing and the beautiful colours that follow. As the weather turns a bit cooler, kids are back to school, and Thanksgiving arrives, I always want to escape to Algonquin Provincial Park and its internationally renowned brilliant fall colours.

If you can catch the right window in the fall, it’s a waterfall of colours for kilometres on end. And if you’re lucky the wildlife viewing is spectacular birds on end, beavers making and repairing dams and moose wandering along in the river system.

Wondering when to go? Well, that depends on the colours you want to see:

Late September: Red and Orange Maples

The first trees to change colour are the Sugar and Red Maples providing an amazing red-orange colours which can be found most brilliantly in the western portion of the Algonquin Park. Traditionally the best time to view is the last week of September leading into the first days of October.

Early to Mid October: Yellow of the Poplars and Birches

The fusion of yellow are more common in the eastern highway 60 Corridor and the Park’s East Side.

Mid to Late October: The Tamarack Finale

These coniferous trees grow in the wetlands and are unique in that their needles change from green to a bright yellow and then fall off for the winter months.

There’s also camping for everyone and acts on a pack out what you pack in system. With all the wonderful wilderness around it easily becomes second nature to do just that. And if you’re feeling adventurous the canoeing is a wonder. Canoe rentals are available and they will drop off and pick up the canoe at a multitude of drop-in locations, it makes for an easy fun-filled day. Check out their autumn day use guide for more information.

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