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Long Term RV Rentals

Maggie Spizzirri
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For a Temporary Home

It’s important to remember that there are always living options through long term RV rentals. If there is a natural disaster and you are required to leave your home, we have you covered. Did a pipe break, and you will need to be out of your house for weeks or months, we have you covered. Are you building your dream home and have visions of living on-site, watching over the construction and watching your dream become a reality, we have you covered. If you need to temporarily house staff at your location during the busy season or house staff off-site for a project, we have you covered. And we have many great options at that!

Whatever you need for temporary housing, we have an option that will work for you. Adventure Touring Canada has a range of rental options for you and your family. And the best part, who wouldn’t love a house on wheels? This will give you the extra added benefit of road trips and time to go exploring.

We know that when these things happen and it can be stressful. That why our staff are trained to help you find the best RV for you when you need a long term RV rental.

You’ve Got Options

From a 17’ truck and camper for two up to a 35’ motorhome that sleeps 7-8. Whether you need 1 unit for temporary relocation or a hundred units for temporary staff housing, we have you covered.
Your temporary home on wheels may have:
-bathroom including shower
-comfortable beds
-LCD Tv’s
-CD/DVD Player
-outdoor shower
-Rearview camera
and other amenities!

We’re Here For You.

We compare suppliers across the industry to find the cheapest rate possible, and with our 24 hr roadside assistance, you will never have an unanswered question.

To rent an RV today, book online using our quote program or call us at 1.877.778.9569, we are happy to help! Contact us today to learn more about long-term or temporary mobile housing.

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