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Many people request unlimited kilometres to be included when they rent an RV. But do they really need it?

Maggie Spizzirri
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Do I Really Need an Unlimited Kilometre RV Rental?

Many people request unlimited kilometres to be included when they rent an RV. But do they really need it? There are a few things to consider when deciding. How many kilometres are you actually going to drive? How many days are you planning on travelling? Are your RV rental travel plans realistic? Will the RV rental company allow you to travel that many kilometres in one of their RV’s?

Here are a few tips for making this decision:

Map out your trip

The first thing that you want to do is map out your trip. How many kilometres is your trip going to be? Most RV rentals come with 100 km a night or they let you purchase 500 km packages or both. Unlimited kilometres are expensive, do you really need them?

Consider Driving vs. Exploring Time

Remember you do not want to spend your whole trip driving. This makes for very long days, gives you no time to explore this beautiful country and can be boring, especially for your passengers. So is it realistic to travel all those kilometres? Can you consider adding a few extra days onto your trip or do you just need to choose a shorter trip?

Look Into Rental Company Options

Then there is the rental company. Not all RV rental companies offer you unlimited kilometre RV rentals. Putting lots of kilometres on any vehicle in a short period of time puts a lot of wear on the vehicle. RV rental companies put restrictions on unlimited kilometre trip such as they may require a minimum number of rental days, or may only allow international travels to purchase them or they only be offered as early booking specials.

Once you’ve decided if you really need unlimited kilometres, the rest is easy. Go through the quote program to see if unlimited kilometres are available for your RV rental. If you need help, you can always contact one of our amazing reservation specialists for advice.

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